Thank You Dave…

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It’s very rare that someone just starting in the broadcast business got a chance to be taken under the wing of someone you idolized growing up. But I did..

I just found out that a broadcast colleague, one of my college professors, and a man I’m proud to this day to call my friend Dave Sabaini lost his battle to cancer today.

When I started out at WSDM in Brazil Indiana, before the fire and was just enrolled as a freshman at Indiana State, Dave and the WISU student manager at the time came out to a station event I was at and met me at orientation with my mom. He told me, “Okay..I heard you…I like you..I want you on my staff. I’m knocking your practicum in half to get you on payroll.” I was totally taken aback by all of this, but honored as all hell.

During my time at WISU and my undergrad career, you could not find one person who could not say anything mean about Dave Sabaini. No matter what was going on in his life, he always had a smile on his face no matter what. Even afterwards, when he would see me and say “Hey Kristen!” (FYI..I went by Kristen Daniels when I was on the air at WISU) and had the biggest hug for me ever.

My heart is sad today…but I know he’s in a better place and the world is a lot better for him being a part of it. See you at the Crossroads Dr. Dave..and thank you.

Welcome to the Digital Age Your Holiness :)

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I just had to share this because as your nerdly guide and a young catholic chick, I just thought this was too cool..

My Response to the Video Game Ruling in California..

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Instead of hearing me ramble on about the recent ruling from the Supreme Court striking down California’s violent video game ban, G4tv’s Adam Sessler says it a lot better than I could.

Video GamesE3 2011

One Shocker that Sadly isn’t a Prank

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Anyone who knows me knows that I”m a huge fan of Jackass (Full Disclosure I have Jackass 3 and 3.5 on my Ipod right now). Got a jaw drop shock when I found out about Ryan Dunn’s tragic death this morning from a car crash.

Safe Journey Ryan…We’ll have the Memories

New Site Launch!!

Posted on Jun 20, 2011 under Uncategorized | No Comment I’ve gotten on the band wagon..drank the kool-aid..whatever you want to call it. I’ve started this, I’m saving money, and I want to show you how, nerdy-girl style of course :)

Check out The Coupon Nerd Online

Rock Star Video Demos Delayed

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To those of you visting me here to see the demos of Power Pivot and Mouse Mischief I spoke of at the Microsoft Certified Career Conference, I am so sorry there are not quite ready to go. I had a little bit of technical difficulties getting them rendered. But I am working on them and will have them ready to go on March 1st. So come on back :)

Last Night’s Conference Playlist

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For my Pals who rocked out with me last night at the Microsoft Certified Career Conference, here is last night’s playlist that we grooved out to before we got a little nerdy :) Be careful..some may be NSFW

Here’s to being our own Rock Stars and letting our nerd flags fly!!

Nickelback – Rockstar
– Watch more Music Videos at Vodpod.

PowerPoint 2008 & 2011 from the Conference

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For those who want to get a little nerdy..and for those who asked during my PowerPoint Rock Star presentation at the Microsoft Certified Career Conference. Clicking Here will give you a great road map for learning some of the same tricks I showed you in PowerPoint 2008 or 2011.

Welcome Microsoft Certified Career Conference Pals :)

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If you are joining me from the Microsoft Certified Career Conference…Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

Happy Birthday Babycakes

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Four years ago today, my sweet little girl Keera Winter, the Princess of Pod-Tech came into my life. She changed me the day she got here, and she changed me forever the day she died of complications from biliary atresia at 3 months and 6 days old. Today..I remember her in two ways

This song “Diamond Girl” by Seals and Croft was playing in the operating room the moment she was born…

Michael Butler from the Rock and Roll Geek Show played this for Keera on his show…I don’t know why it touched me but it did. I played it during Keera’s funeral too. I guess it describes how I feel now that she isn’t here with me. The Song That Didn’t Rhyme by Alice Cooper.

BTW..Butler, if you’re reading this. You lit a candle for my girl…I light one now every week at mass. I never did thank you for the phone call.

Please visit to learn more about biliary atresia.